We are all about the customer. Our fully trained sales & service team will come to you.

Our services

  • Delivery & Installation
    One of our fully trained sales team members will arrange a time suitable to you for delivery of any of our soak tank range.
  • Drainage
    As our detergent is fully biodegradable, it can be discarded into your drain (leading to your grease trap).
    (Please see our training videos)
  • Training
    You and your staff will be fully trained on all aspects of the soak tank range.
    One of our fully trained staff members will conduct training on installation.
    (Also please see our easy to follow training videos)
  • Maintenance
    Any issues with any of our products will be dealt with promptly by a member of our team – whether by phone or in person.

Please call 1300 42 SOAK

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