270L Tall Boy Manual Soak Tank


This tank is perfect for larger commercial kitchens.


– Capacity 270 L
Meets the high demand of your commercial kitchen

– Stainless Steel
Stylish and practical design

– Safe Mechanisms
All the details of the tank are specifically designed to make our Soak Tank the safest on the market

– Thermal Seal Technology
Seals heat and prevents energy loss making our Soak Tank energy and time efficient

– Easy roll castor
Effortless tank movement through the kitchen

– Time, Energy and Money savings
Soak Tank Global has spent over 5 years and continue to develop and perfect our range of products to ensure it not only meets your kitchen needs but also reduces your labour cost


External Dimensions (LWH):
780 X 600 X 1050 mm / 31 X 24 X 41 Inches

Internal Dimensions (LWH):
670 X 475 X 820 mm / 26 X 19 X 32 Inches